Boutique Law Firm

BMDW Advocaten is a boutique law firm based in the Netherlands specializing in sports law, with a particular focus on football. Together, we have more than 30 years of accumulated experience in representing a wide range of sports–related clients in various legal capacities. Given the growing importance and complexity of sports law, our practice offers comprehensive legal services and assistance on all matters pertaining to litigation and dispute resolution in sport.


Our small–scale nature and thorough service offerings allow us to provide a personalized approach in representing our clients and addressing their legal needs. This individualized attention, partnered with our exhaustive knowledge of sports law, equips the firm with the necessary means to deliver solutions for all of our clients’ needs. If an issue arises that falls beyond our realm of expertise, we proceed to collaborate with outside partners in order to best address the particular situation.

Modern Law Firm

BMDW Advocaten can be considered as a modern law firm in the field of international sports law. For example, next to litigation, the firm is also regularly asked to give legal advice, such as providing parties with legal opinions, and its lawyers are also appointed as legal experts in proceedings. Furthermore, the lawyers of BMDW Advocaten are asked by other lawyers to advise them in relation to the latest jurisprudence and sports regulations or to monitor and give advice in their pending complex proceedings.

We speak your language

BMDW Advocaten is a very internationally–orientated law firm. Therefore our legal competencies extend from offering local to international assistance, as we are able to provide services in Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Italian. This is partnered with an in–depth knowledge of the markets and legal jurisdictions across the EU.