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BMDW Advocaten is at the forefront of (legal) developments in the field of (international) sports law, especially in relation to football. The lawyers are not only members of specialized organisations such as the Dutch Association of Sports Law and the International Association for Football Lawyers (AIAF), but are also involved in the organization of various sport law congresses. Due to their ancillary activities and presence at various national and international congresses, organisations, meetings and task forces, the lawyers are on top of the latest developments in the field of sports law. BMDW Advocaten can also be characterized by having an enormous network in the field of international sports law, providing lectures and publications, such as books, in the field of international sports law.


Given the growing importance and complexity of sports law, our practice offers comprehensive legal services and assistance on all matters pertaining to litigation and dispute resolution in sport. Our small–scale nature and thorough service offerings allows us to provide a personalized approach in representing our clients and addressing their legal needs.

The laywers

Roberto Branco Martins and Frans de Weger are the lawyers working for BMDW Advocaten. Together, they have more than 30 years of accumulated experience in representing a wide range of sports–related clients, such as clubs, players, coaches and intermediaries. The combination of their different characters and backgrounds in (international) sports law come together, in the various individual files, to form a strategic and coherent legal point of view.

Roberto Branco Martins

Roberto Branco Martins

Attorney at law | Partner

Frans de Weger

Attorney at law | Partner

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